How do I enable/disable assets in Exodus?

Some assets supported by Exodus are not enabled by default. Here is how you can enable or disable an asset inside of your Exodus wallet.

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What does enabling/disabling an asset mean?


Enabling an asset allows you to interact with it inside of your Exodus wallet. This means sending, receiving as well as exchanging. To see the current status of all our supported assets, please check out our status page.


Disabling an asset means you are hiding it from view inside of your Exodus wallet. The asset's addresses will still work and will remain yours as every wallet is unique. You just will not be able to see it inside of Exodus until you enable it again.

How to enable or disable an asset on Desktop

How to enable an asset:


The first way to enable any new asset is to head over to the Wallet tab. To enable a new asset just start typing in the search bar at the top of the list. Once you have found the asset wallet you were looking for, just click it and it has now been enabled inside of your Exodus wallet.

Of course, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on +Add More, which will take you to the settings tab.


The second way to enable a new asset is to click on the Settings tab. Under the Assets menu you can search for the asset you want, and add the tick next to their name to enable the asset. In this example, we're going to enable FunFair token (FUN) using Method B:

How to disable an asset:

Currently, the only way to disable an asset is to go to the Settings tab. Inside the Assets section search up the name of the asset you want to disable. To disable the asset all you need to do is remove the tick next to its name and it will be removed from your wallet view.

How to enable or disable an asset on Mobile

You can enable assets by tapping Add More at the bottom of the Portfolio screen.

This will take you to the Profile screen where you can toggle on the assets you'd like to display in your wallet and toggle off the assets you'd rather not see.

  • Please note: You can now disable assets with a very low balance (dust) or the assets which only have a reserve balance, for example: 10 XRP.
  • Please note: You cannot disable Bitcoin or Ethereum, or assets that currently have a balance.