Exodus does not connect with my Trezor

There are a few things you'll want to check if Exodus is not detecting your hardware wallet, other than that it is properly plugged in with a working cable!

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How long is your Trezor's passcode?

The maximum length a Trezor passcode can be is 9 numbers long.

If you have had your Trezor device for a while, it used to allow you to have a passcode longer than 9 numbers long, however it will now not work. Exodus will recognize your Trezor device and it will ask for the pin, however once the pin is entered nothing will happen.

To fix this, please go to Trezor Suite and change your pincode there to be a maximum of 9 numbers. Check out this official Trezor guide to find out more.

Please ensure you always keep your Trezor up to date.

Is Exodus searching for your hardware wallet?

Make sure Exodus is able to detect your hardware wallet. Go to Settings > Devices and toggle on Detect Trezor.

Do you have Trezor Bridge installed?

Trezor Bridge enables the communication between your Trezor and Exodus and allows them to be friends. If you need to install Trezor Bridge, open Exodus and go to Settings > Devices and where it says Install Trezor Bridge click Install Now.

Please note: To install Trezor Bridge, you must do so from Firefox or a Chromium-based browser such as Chrome or Brave Browser. Downloading Trezor bridge is not possible from Safari.

If you have a Trezor One that you haven't yet set up, you can begin here.

Make sure you are in a private place when going through these steps.

Is another application using your Trezor?

Although you can use your Trezor with several applications, using it simultaneously with other apps may disrupt the communication between your Trezor and Exodus. It's best to quit any other apps like Electrum, Trezor Suite, MyEtherWallet, etc. that may be connecting to your Trezor while it is connected to Exodus. If the error persists, contact us to troubleshoot.

Is your Trezor unlocked?

You'll also want to make sure your pin-protected Trezor is unlocked or else Exodus will not connect to it. You can unlock your Trezor Model T by entering your pin directly on the device. Your Trezor One can be unlocked by entering the pin in Exodus.

Is trezord running?

In some rare cases, you may need to manually run the process trezord after you've installed Trezor Bridge. You'll want to make sure both Exodus and Trezor Suite are closed before attempting the following:

Mac: press and hold the command key + the space bar to pull up spotlight search. Type in trezord and then select the trezord entry that comes up under the Developer category.

Windows: press and hold ctrl + alt + del to bring up the Task Manager. Click on the Services tab, then search for and select trezord.

After that, you can try opening Exodus again and connecting your Trezor.