How do I view my hardware wallet secret recovery phrase or private keys using Exodus?​

How do you view your hardware wallet's secret recovery phrase or private keys using Exodus? The short answer is: You don't!

Hardware wallets are designed to keep your private keys and secret recovery phrase offline and off of your computer. Keeping your private keys encrypted and isolated on your Trezor device keeps your funds safe from hackers and anything malicious that may creep onto your operating system. 

Please Remember:

  • Never make a digital copy your secret recovery phrase! Store it offline.
  • You only get to view your Trezor's secret recovery phrase during set up, so please remember to back it up!
  • There is no way to view private keys on your Trezor device, this is why it is important to keep your secret recovery phrase safe!

The Trezor team has written some excellent articles so you can familiarize yourself with the Trezor backup process: