What assets does Exodus support?

Have you ever wondered, does Exodus support XXX coin? When will Exodus support XXX? Will Exodus support more digital assets in the future? What assets does Exodus support now? Here are answers to all your questions, and more!

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What assets does Exodus Support?

Exodus currently supports over 150+ assets, with many more in development. To stay up-to-date with the assets we currently support, you can check out our status page:

You can find the asset in our list, or search for it from the search bar. If the asset you are looking for is already supported by Exodus, you can follow these links to enable it in your wallet:

Does Exodus support my asset in the Trezor portfolio?

Wondering if you can see an asset in your Trezor portfolio on the Exodus wallet? You can search for Trezor-compatible coins on our status page, and then look in the Trezor column for a checkmark to see if it's supported! A green checkmark indicates that the asset is supported on both Trezor Model T and Trezor One. A yellow checkmark indicates the asset is only supported on the Trezor Model T.

Please note that not all assets supported by Trezor are supported in the Exodus + Trezor integration.

Will Exodus support my assets in the future?

The Exodus development team is always working to add more assets to your wallet. Our goal is to allow you to manage all your favorite cryptocurrencies from a single place, and exchange them too!

We receive countless requests for different cryptocurrencies, but we only have so many developers! As a result, we choose with care which assets we want to integrate next, as we need to make sure our limited resources are spent where we can impact our community the most.

In order for an asset to be considered, the following criteria are assessed:

The asset has extensive documentation and readily available developer resources.
The asset has specialized API servers with load balancing setup for private use by Exodus. This is much easier if the API is based upon Bitpay Insight.
Market-cap and 24-hr volumes are considered. 'Top 50' or perceived potential to enter the 'top 50' assets by market cap (Top 100 for Ethereum assets). Community popularity, both internally in the Exodus community, and worldwide.
Asset availability with our third-party exchange API providers.

You can see which assets we currently support on our website: Cryptocurrency Coins Status Assets.

Keep in mind that a new version of Exodus is released every 2 weeks (every other Friday). Sometimes these new releases include new assets for you to enable in the wallet!

Remember to keep your Exodus wallet up-to-date in order to ensure you are getting all of our latest features, security updates, and new assets.

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