The New App Navigation

Please make sure you are running the latest version of Exodus wallet. You can download the latest version here.

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App Navigation

What do the new symbols at the top of my wallet mean?

After enabling the new App Navigation you may have already noticed that the Normal Sidebar is no longer on the left-hand side of your wallet. Instead, you have some new symbols at the top of your Exodus wallet.

This is where you will now find the Portfolio, Wallet, and Exchange apps, as well as Featured apps such as Compound Finance.

When inside the Wallet or the Exchange apps you will see your total wallet balance in the top left of your Exodus wallet.

You will always see History, Support, Settings, and All Apps, in the top right as well as a porftolio selector if you have enabled multiple portfolios.

Navigating the new App Navigation

All aspects of the new App Navigation.

How do I find Exodus Official Apps?

The Exodus Offical apps will be top and center of your Exodus wallet:


Clicking on each app will open it for you.

How do I use Trezor in the new Exodus App Navigation?

If you have a Trezor connected to your Exodus wallet, you will see a tab section just underneath the new top navigation area:

So when you are inside each app, you can choose whether you want to see your Exodus wallet or your Trezor wallet just like before!

How do I find everything else in this new App Navigation?

Everything else is in the top right of your Exodus wallet with the new navigation. When inside any of these sections, you can always make your way back to your Exodus wallet by clicking the Exodus symbol in the top left corner:

Here are all the symbols in the top right corner of your Exodus wallet and what they mean:

Transaction History
All Apps

How do I find my Transaction History?

In the top right of your Exodus wallet you can find your Transaction History

Again, if you have a Trezor connected to your Exodus wallet, you will see this tab:

So you can monitor your transaction history for both your Exodus wallet as well as your Trezor wallet.

How do I find the Help section?

The Help section has changed its name to Support which you can also find in the top right corner of the new navigation and it looks like this:

Here, you will find some helpful information about Exodus wallet and be able to get in contact with us.

How to find Settings.

Settings has also moved to the top right of the new navigation shown by clicking this symbol:

Once you are inside of Settings you will see each settings tab Assets, Devices, Security, Backup, and Personalize at the top as you can see here:

This moves us to the last part that has moved too.

How do I find where to backup my wallet?

The Backup tab has moved from the left-hand sidebar to inside the Settings menu:

This is where you can back up your wallet!

All Apps.

There is one last symbol in the top right of the new navigation inside of your Exodus wallet, and that is the All Apps symbol:

Clicking this symbol will show you a quick menu to see all Exodus Official apps as well as Featured apps, such as Compound Finance, that we have added to the Exodus wallet experience!

Horizontal Wallet Navigation

How do I use the horizontal wallet?

You will now notice at the top of your Exodus wallet:

Sorting Assets

Here you can choose how to sort the order of how you see your assets.

Searching Assets

This allows you to type in the name of the asset and quickly open it.