StormX FAQs - Learn more about STMX

Everything you need to know about the transition from Storm to StormX in your Exodus wallet.

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What happened to Storm?

Storm went through an upgrade in October 2020. The developers of Storm replaced it with a new token, StormX, on October 8, 2020.

What is the difference between Storm and StormX in my Exodus wallet?

Storm was rebranded and upgraded to StormX, so you might see two wallets in Exodus that hold the old Storm and the new StormX:

  • Old: Storm (STORM)
  • New: StormX (STMX)

How do I swap from Storm to the new StormX?

The StormX token swap has closed. To inquire about how to swap your Storm to the new StormX, you will have to reach out to the StormX team directly:

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