StormX FAQs - Learn more about STMX

All you need to know about the transition from Storm to StormX in your Exodus wallet.

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Storm/StormX Swap Questions

What's been happening to Storm?

Storm went through an upgrade. The creators of Storm replaced Storm with a new rebranded StormX.

After the 8th of October 2020 the old Storm token will not be further developed or traded.

What is the difference between Storm and StormX in my Exodus wallet?

Storm has been rebranded and upgraded to StormX. So you'll see two wallets in Exodus that will hold the old Storm and the new StormX:

  • Storm - STORM
  • StormX - STMX

How Do I swap from Storm to the new StormX?

To swap your Storm to the new StormX will require the use of Metamask, but it only takes a few minutes!

Go to Metamask’s website and download the Metamask wallet.

Open MetaMask and add Storm and StormX tokens by following this guide.

First, send your Storm from your Exodus wallet to your MetaMask wallet address.

Now, send 0.01 ETH from your Exodus wallet to Metamask to cover all transaction fees, this is because Storm and StormX are ERC20 tokens.

Open the StormX token exchange website:

Connect the StormX token exchange to your Metamask wallet by clicking the Metamask button in the bottom left.

Please note: you need to have Metamask already installed into your Chrome browser to see this option.

Then click Connect.


Now you should see that you are connected to your Metamask wallet.


Now simply just enter the amount of Storm you want to swap to StormX (Or click Max to swap all of it), then choose if you want to pay gas as Ether or Storm and click the Swap Now button.


Confirm the transaction in Metamask and after a few moments, the new StormX will be inside of your Metamask wallet.


Now on your Exodus wallet make sure you have enabled the new StormX asset.


Finally, all you need to do is send the new StormX back to your Exodus StormX wallet. Don’t forget to all send back the rest of your ETH too!