Cardano FAQs - Learn more about ADA

Everything you need to know about Cardano (ADA) inside of Exodus.

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Why can't I export my ADA to another wallet via private key?

Typically, by exporting your private key you can interact with your tokens in another wallet -  but only if it supports the same derivation path (address creation tool) used in Exodus.

At the moment, Exodus uses a unique derivation path for ADA.

There are no other wallets that support the same ADA derivation path used in Exodus, and as a result, users cannot export their ADA or ADA NFTs via private key.

Because of this, it is not yet possible to successfully export your Exodus ADA private key. We plan to improve this experience as the wallet develops further.

Minimum transaction size for ADA

There is a minimum transaction size of 1 ADA (not including the network fee) set by the Cardano network. This means that the minimum amount of ADA you can send is 1 ADA (plus the transaction fee). The Cardano network put this minimum in place to reduce the amount of dust on the network and to mitigate the issue of too many small inputs.

At the moment, it is not possible to send less than 1 ADA in any transaction. This applies to staking ADA and claiming ADA rewards, as well as regular sending transactions.

If you try to send less than 1 ADA, you will see an error message that the Transaction amount is too small to send.

Transaction size is too large

The Cardano network also has a maximum transaction size. If you try to send ADA with too many inputs in it then you might go over the size limit and won’t be able to send out your ADA.

If you try to send a transaction that is over the transaction size limit, you will receive an error message that the Transaction size is too large.

This is similar to receiving small mining payouts with other UTXO-based assets.

How does this happen?

The most common way this happens is when trying to claim your generated ADA rewards too often. Each time you claim your ADA rewards, you create another input transaction of a small amount of ADA. Then when you try to send some ADA, your wallet has to put all of the small inputs together which can make it go over the transaction size limit.

How do I fix this?

Luckily for you, Exodus has built-in a feature to help you clean up all your small inputs.

What Exodus does is gather together as many small inputs as it can fit into one transaction then send it to yourself.

For example, Exodus might see you have 100 or more inputs (which is too many). Exodus lets you know this is too many, and you can choose to fix it. Then your wallet will split your inputs into multiple transactions and send them back to you. When this is complete, you will have merged your ADA inputs, which will fix the issue of the transaction size being too large.

Please note: This will incur network transaction fees.

If you see this error:

Then please follow these steps:

First, click  Fix this.
You can have a look at the Cardano network fee here. Then click Yes, Continue.
You will see a message Merging Cardano transactions. Please do not close Exodus until this process is complete.
Once you see the Transactions Merged screen, then your ADA inputs have been merged, and you can proceed to send out your ADA!

How do I avoid this from happening in the future?

In order to prevent this happening in the future, you can avoid creating too many inputs. This can mean not claiming your ADA rewards very often. Your ADA rewards will always be at your address waiting to be claimed, and your unclaimed rewards automatically get added to your staking balance, so there is no downside to waiting a bit longer for more ADA rewards to accumulate before you claim your rewards.

Why is some of my Cardano balance locked?

If you hold some Cardano native tokens on your Cardano address, you might have noticed that some of your Cardano becomes locked.

This is due to the Cardano network requiring you to lock away some ADA for every native token your wallet holds.

The amount of ADA locked per each native token is not a fixed amount and can change, it depends on how many native tokens you hold as well as other factors.

How do I see my locked balance inside of Exodus?

The amount of ADA you have locked will be shown to you inside of the Cardano ADA wallet in Exodus:

Can I send Cardano tokens or NFTs to Exodus?

No. Currently, Exodus does not support Cardano NFTs or Cardano tokens .

With Cardano, tokens are binded to the ADA transaction output model. This means that sending ADA funds can also send the tokens attached to that address.

While the transaction will be successful on the ADA network, you won't have the ability to interact with the Cardano NFT or token in Exodus. Your tokens and NFTs will be safe at your ADA address, however they will not be accessible in Exodus.

Please note: Sending an ADA transaction from a wallet that holds a Cardano NFT can result in sending the NFT along with the ADA funds. Be careful when sending ADA funds from wallets that also store ADA NFTs as these will not show in Exodus.

I accidentally sent a Cardano native token/NFT to Exodus - what should I do?

If you have accidentally sent a Cardano native token or NFT to your Exodus wallet Cardano address, then please do not worry! Follow the steps below to send it to a platform that supports Cardano native tokens/NFTs:


Open your Cardano wallet inside of Exodus and click the three dots in the top right corner then select Send Native Tokens.

Enter a Cardano address that supports Cardano native tokens or NFTs, and when you are ready, click Send tokens.

Please note: this will send all native tokens and NFTs currently in your Cardano wallet in Exodus to the destination of your choice. This will also incur a network fee.

And you are done! Your Cardano native tokens or NFTs will arrive at the destination address soon.


Please note: You will need to use a computer that you trust to perform the below steps.

First, find a computer that you trust and download Exodus on it.
Link your mobile wallet to your desktop device following this guide: How do I sync my Mobile wallet to a computer?
Now, follow the desktop instructions to see how to send your Cardano native tokens or NFTs out of Exodus..

If you do not want to keep your Exodus wallet on the computer anymore, follow this guide to completely remove it.