Cardano FAQs - Learn more about ADA

Everything you need to know about Cardano ADA inside of Exodus.

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General ADA Questions

Why can't I export my ADA to another wallet?

Typically, by exporting your private key you can interact with your tokens in another wallet that supports the same derivation path used in Exodus.

At the moment, Exodus uses a unique derivation path (a fancy way to say address creation tool) for ADA.

There are no other wallets that support the ADA address creation used in Exodus, and as a result, users cannot export via private keys their ADA or ADA NFTs.

Trying to export your Exodus ADA private key currently will result in a different address shown at another wallet. We plan to improve this experience as the wallet develops further.

Why is some of my Cardano balance locked?

If you hold some Cardano native tokens on your Cardano address, you might have noticed that some of your Cardano becomes locked.

This is due to the Cardano network requiring you to lock away some ADA for every native token your wallet holds.

The amount of ADA locked per each native token is not a fixed amount and can change, it depends on how many native tokens you hold as well as other factors.

Can I send Cardano tokens or NFTs to Exodus?

No. Currently, Exodus does not support Cardano NFTs or Cardano tokens .

With Cardano, tokens are binded to the ADA transaction output model. This means that sending ADA funds can also send the tokens attached to that address.

While the transaction will be successful on the ADA network, you won't have the ability to interact with the Cardano NFT or token in Exodus. Your tokens and NFTs will be safe at your ADA address, however they will not be accessible in Exodus.

Please note: Sending an ADA transaction from a wallet that holds a Cardano NFT can result in sending the NFT along with the ADA funds. Be careful when sending ADA funds from wallets that also store ADA NFTs as these will not show in Exodus.