My asset has been migrated to an unsupported mainnet

Everything you need to know about your Exodus assets that are going to be migrated to an unsupported mainnet.

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Why is my asset not going to be supported after the swap?

The reason why an asset will be unsupported is because it is switching to mainnet.

What this usually means is that we currently support an asset as an ERC20 token and it runs on the Ethereum network, making it easy for us to make sure it works correctly for you!

When an asset decides it wants to move away from being an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and it switches to its own mainnet blockchain technology, this is where we have to make the tough choice of whether or not the mainnet asset will be supported.

Which assets does this affect?

  • KIN
  • WAX
  • Waltonchain (WTC)
  • AION

I hold one of these assets, what should I do?

Each asset’s swap to mainnet will be different. This is expected as each asset is different from each other.

KIN Follow the steps found here.
WAX Please contact the WAX team and request a swap.
Waltonchain (WTC) Please follow the instructions given by the KuCoin team.
AION Please open a support ticket with the AION team and request a swap.

Please note: In general, if a crypto has been swapped to mainnet and Exodus does not support it, the best option to take is to get in contact with the team behind the crypto with your own research!

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