ERC20 FAQs - Learn more about Ethereum tokens

Everything you need to know about ERC20 tokens inside of Exodus.

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ERC20 General Questions

Accessing the "Ethereum Assets" Section

Many of the top Ethereum Assets are now available through the Ethereum Assets Section. This section is accessed by going to settings on your desktop or mobile device, then going to Assets, and finally scrolling to the bottom where you'll find the Ethereum Assets section.

Do I Need to Have Ethereum In Exodus To Send My Ethereum Assets?

Yes! You need to have a small amount of Ethereum in your ETH wallet to send any of these Ethereum Assets.

Every Ethereum asset needs some ETH to pay for network fees. For more information please refer to What Is An ERC-20 Token?

I Don't See My Favorite Ethereum Asset In The List!

While these Ethereum assets allow you to send and receive, we do not yet have a feature to add assets that are missing from this menu.

ERC20 Sending/Receiving/Exchanging Questions

How do I manage unsupported ERC20 tokens?

While these Ethereum assets allow you to send and receive, we do not yet have a feature to add assets that are missing from this menu.

How to send out your tokens

To manage your unsupported tokens and send them out of your Exodus wallet's ETH address, you’ll need to:

First you will need to view your ETH private key and copy it.
Once you have your Ethereum private key from your Exodus wallet, please open MyEtherWallet.
Once you are on the MyEtherWallet website, click Software.

Click on  Private Key.

Paste your Exodus Ethereum private key in the box, click the checkbox, then click Access Wallet.

This will bring you to the dashboard screen. On the left side of the page, click on Send Transaction.

If the token you want to send doesn't show up in the token section, you'll need to add it manually, so click +Custom Tokens and follow this official guide to add it. This will add your custom token to the list of token balances.
Select the token to send in the first drop down menu.

Now all you need to do is enter the number of tokens to send and the address you want to send your tokens to and click Next.

A pop-up will display with the transaction details. Review them and confirm everything is correct. If everything looks good, just click Confirm and Send.

How to check your token balances

If you send an unsupported ERC20 token to your Exodus wallet, it will be stored at your wallet address. However, Exodus will not display it. You can confirm your token balance on an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer like Etherscan by pasting in your ETH address in the search bar and clicking on the ERC20 Token dropdown menu:

Where can I exchange unsupported ERC20 tokens?

To find an extensive list on where you can send and exchange your ERC20 tokens (and any other asset for that matter!), please follow these steps:


First open your internet browser and go to


Find the search bar in the top right of the list and type in the name of the asset.


Open the page for the asset and click the Markets tab.

Here you will find a list of exchanges where you can send your asset to and exchange it for something else!