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Why does Solana have a minimum balance?

Solana allows addresses to be active on the network by paying rent. This rent is needed in order to maintain the information of your address on the Solana network.

Rent is usually paid to the network automatically from your Solana balance. However, you can have a rent exception, which means you do not need to pay rent to the Solana network to use your SOL.

To be exempted from rent, you will need to ensure that your Solana address locks away an amount of SOL equivalent to 2 years of rent in a minimum reserve. The current minimum reserve is 0.01 SOL.

You can find more information about rent in the Solana docs here: Rent.

How does Exodus handle SOL minimum balances?

In order to help you avoid paying rent, Exodus requires a minimum balance of 0.01 SOL. 

If your SOL address in Exodus has less than this minimum balance, this warning is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of Exodus when viewing your Solana wallet:

How do I withdraw my 0.01 SOL?

You can’t send your 0.01 SOL out of your Exodus wallet directly, but it’s still possible to withdraw it! To do so, you will need a Phantom wallet and your Exodus SOL private key.


Go to the Phantom website and add the wallet browser extension (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or Edge).


Click Create New Wallet to get the new wallet's 12-word secret recovery phrase.


Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase and click OK, I saved it somewhere. Follow the instructions to create a strong password and click Save.


Copy your SOL private key from your Exodus desktop wallet. Here's how you can view your private keys.

To view your private keys you need to use a desktop computer. You can follow this guide to link your mobile wallet to your desktop: How do I sync my wallet to a computer?

Please be very careful with your private keys because they control access to your funds. Never share them with anyone, and only import them into platforms that you trust 100%. If you choose to import your private keys into a third-party platform, you do so at your own risk. To find out more, check out this article from our Knowledge Base: How do I keep my money safe?


Open your Phantom wallet and click on the menu icon in the top left corner.


Click on Add / Connect Wallet.


This will open another menu. Click Import private key.


Paste your SOL private key into the Private key field and then click Import.


You will now see this wallet in the drop-down menu with your Exodus wallet's SOL receive address in brackets. Click on this wallet.

That is it! Once set up, you will be able to either send your remaining SOL minimum balance. 

How do I manage unsupported SPL tokens?

Many Solana tokens are already supported in Exodus. If you would like to add any of these tokens, you can enable them in your wallet.

If you want to interact with a Solana SPL token that is not yet supported, you can now add it as a custom token!

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