Trezor on Exodus Mobile

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Can I view my Trezor’s balance from the Exodus Mobile wallet?

Yes, you can view your Trezor’s balance from your Exodus Mobile wallet!

Currently, it is not possible to view your Monero (XMR) balance from Exodus Mobile. You will need to use Exodus Desktop to view your Monero (XMR) balance.

For this feature, you will be required to...

How do I view a Trezor balance on the Exodus Mobile wallet?

Using the latest version of the Exodus Mobile wallet, you can select your portfolios (Exodus symbol shown at the top left).

Next, you can review your active portfolios, including the Trezor balance on your Exodus Mobile wallet.

By tapping on Trezor's portfolio, you can then view your Trezor's balances from the Exodus Mobile wallet!

The Trezor portfolio is read-only on Exodus Mobile. You cannot send Trezor funds from your mobile wallet.

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