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Everything you need to know about your NFT Gallery in Exodus!

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What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are units of data, such as images, music, and GIFs, that are stored on the blockchain. Non-fungible means that each NFT is unique and cannot be replaced.

When something is fungible, it is interchangeable - it can be replaced by another identical item. Let’s take two decks of playing cards, for example. If the design is the same, you can exchange the Queen of Hearts from one deck to another without anyone noticing.

With non-fungible items, however, such as the Mona Lisa, you can’t exchange it with another identical Mona Lisa. Even if a forger produced a painting that looked exactly the same, only the original would have value. Non-fungible tokens are similar - they are unique and distinguishable from all other non-fungible tokens. As the immortal line goes, “There can be only one.

This is because when NFTs are created, or minted, they are written to a blockchain. This minting process ensures the authentication of each NFT by providing a digital signature that is used to track NFT ownership. Consider the Mona Lisa example above. Anyone can replicate da Vinci’s masterpiece - you can even buy a print of it for a few dollars - but the owner of the authentic Mona Lisa is the French government.

The same concept applies to digital NFTs. Yes, anyone can right-click copy the image of a Degenerate Ape, but the ownership of it doesn’t transfer when you paste.

There are many potential uses for NFTs - digital art, games, virtual worlds, music, memes, and even film, living on blockchains like Solana, Cardano, and Ethereum. The metaverse awaits!

Your NFT Gallery in Exodus Mobile is where you can receive, store, display, and share your NFTs!

The NFT Gallery supports receiving NFTs on Solana. The Solana network is a secure, decentralized, high-speed blockchain, and it is a popular network for NFTs. 

According to Solana, their NFT ecosystem includes over 190 NFT projects, and this number is increasing daily.

In addition, the transaction fees to send NFTs on the Solana network are very low.

You can send any Solana NFTs to the NFT Gallery, though for now, only still images will display.

Please note: Artifacts from sites like Axis Infinity, Star Atlas, Sandbox, etc. are not supported in Exodus. Though they appear similar to NFTs in wallets such as Phantom, they are actually tokens. As such, Exodus will not currently display them; however, they will be safely stored at your SOL wallet address.

Where can I buy Solana NFTs?

The following are a few popular platforms you can use to browse and purchase Solana NFTs:

How do I receive Solana NFTs?

The Solana network supports several wallets such as Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet. Though the steps are the same for all three wallets, Phantom is easy to connect to Solana NFT marketplaces.

Once you have bought your Solana NFT, the below tutorial shows you how to receive it in your NFT Gallery in Exodus using Phantom:

In Phantom:

a) Click the Phantom extension on your browser, then b) click on the  Your Collectables icon.

Select the NFT you want to send to your NFT Gallery.

Click Send.

In Exodus:

a) Tap the Dashboard icon, then b) tap NFTs.

Tap Receive your NFTs.

Tap your address to copy.

In Phantom:

a) Paste your Exodus SOL address, then b) click  Next.

a) Confirm your address and b) click Send.

In Exodus:

Once the transaction is confirmed on the Solana blockchain, your NFT will appear in your NFT Gallery!

How do I send NFTs?

Here is how you can send NFTs from your NFT Gallery:

a) Tap the Dashboard icon then b) tap NFTs.

Select the NFT you want to send.

a) Paste the Solana address of where you want to send your NFT, then b) tap Send.

Once sent, tap Continue.

And that is it! Your NFT has been successfully sent from your Exodus NFT Gallery.

How do I share NFTs?

When you share your NFT, you are sharing a link to view your NFT on a block explorer. This allows other people to view your NFT, but it doesn't transfer ownership. You can also copy the link and paste it into a browser if you would like to see the details of your NFT on the blockchain.

Here is how you can share NFTs from your NFT Gallery:

a) Tap the Dashboard icon then b) tap NFTs.

In your NFT Gallery, tap on the NFT you would like to share.

Then tap the Share icon.

You can a) select where you would like to share the link or b) tap Copy to copy the link to your clipboard. Then you can share it manually or paste it into a browser to see your NFT on the blockchain.

Do I need Solana (SOL) to send my NFTs?

Yes. In addition to the minimum reserve of 0.01 SOL, you will need a small amount of SOL to pay the transaction fee to send NFTs out of your NFT Gallery. Transaction fees will not be taken out of the 0.01 SOL reserve.

If you don't have enough SOL in your wallet, you will receive an error message that looks like this:

To fix this, you can receive SOL from another wallet, buy SOL from another platform, or exchange for SOL using the in-app exchange or the FTX Exchange app in Exodus.