How do I export my Safe Report?

You can export a Safe Report for troubleshooting wallet issues in a safe and easy way. 

The Safe Report allows the Exodus Support team to create a watch-only version of your wallet. It does not give anyone control over your wallet.

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What information does my Safe Report contain?

Your Safe Report contains the following troubleshooting information:

  • The XPub Key or "Extended Public Key" which allows us to view your full wallet history. It is a collection of your public addresses - your private keys are NOT included.
  • The transaction history which is useful to make sure all deposits were properly credited to your Exodus wallet. This also gives you the peace of mind to make sure your wallet balance is correct.
  • The configuration file shows the version of Exodus you are using, the first and current version installed, operating system, and dates of general wallet behavior (such as download and restoration dates if applicable.) 
  • Exchange order history allows us to comb through all your exchange orders. This can be useful if you've had a failed exchange.

This data will allow our support team to help you without compromising your wallet. While the exported .zip file is not as important or sensitive as your private keys, we recommend deleting it and emptying your trash or recycle bin after sending it to us. Anyone who has it can monitor your wallet activity on the blockchain.

How to export my Safe Report from Exodus Desktop

Images and instructions in this article are using the new Exodus App Navigation - you can turn it on or off in Settings > Apps. Read more about how the App Nav works here.

Click on the  Help symbol in the top right-hand corner of your Exodus wallet.
In the Help tab, scroll down until you find "Customer support just asked for my Safe Report. How can I export it?" and click on it.
Click the Export Safe Report button.

After clicking on the button, a .zip file named exodus-report-SAFE-(Date+Time).zip will appear on your Desktop, in a folder named exodus-exports.

Simply attach it to your email response with an Exodus customer support engineer!

If you are using Windows and are unable to find the safe report once it's been exported, make sure you have Microsoft Powershell V3 installed. You can install this via Windows Update or directly from the Microsoft Download Center:

How to export my Safe Report from Exodus Mobile

Open your Profile by tapping the person silhouette icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Then tap Support.
Tap Contact Us.
Enter your email address, message, and toggle on the switch to Include a Safe Report.