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What is TVL?

TVL, or total value locked, is the current value of cryptocurrencies deposited in a liquidity pool, lending pool, or staked on a DeFi protocol. It is a useful indicator of how popular and liquid a protocol is at any one time which can help in determining the health of a protocol.

What is Defi Llama?

Defi Llama is one of the largest TVL aggregators used to track popular chains and their dApps. It uses TVL to show which protocols are the largest and how they are developing over time.

Defi Llama focuses on accurate data which is fully open-sourced. This data is maintained by a dedicated team from their respective DeFi protocol communities and coordinated through Defi Llama’s GitHub repo. As such, the dashboard is a reliable representation of the DeFi landscape.

How do I use Defi Llama?

As a multi-chain TVL dashboard, Defi Llama is able to bring stats of DeFi activities related to a) chains, airdrops, oracles, forks, and more. You can also b) view by either the DeFi dashboard or the multi-chain APY dashboard or c) search for your favorite DeFi project.

In most of the categories, you will see a graphical representation of the TVL and will have the option to a) toggle on and off various filters or b) quick-select popular results.

Have a look and play around with the dashboard to learn more about the current DeFi market and your favorite protocols!

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