Mercurial Finance dApp on Solana

All about Mercurial Finance and how to connect to it with your Exodus Browser Extension.

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What is Mercurial Finance?

Mercurial Finance is one of several yield farming applications where you can lend your stablecoins in order to earn interest on them. Mercurial Finance's stablecoin pools are used to provide stablecoin liquidity to lending platforms and DEXes so that they have enough liquidity on hand to conduct trades.

Mercurial Finance provides $MER tokens in exchange for stablecoins. $MER can also be staked, purchased, or earned by completing Mercurial Finance quizzes.

You can use the exchange on Mercurial Finance to swap your crypto for a supported stablecoin.

Currently, you can deposit any of the below stablecoins into a Mercurial Finance pool:

Allbridge Wrapped UST (acUSD) Aave USDC (aUSDC)
Fuse Dollar (fUSD) Lido Staked SOL (stSOL)
Marinate Staked SOL (mSOL) Parasol Finance (pSOL)
Project Pai (PAI) Terra USD (UST)
USDH Hubble Stablecoin (USDH) UXD Stablecoin (UXD)
Wormhole Wrapped BUSD (wbBUSD) Wormhole Wrapped USD (wUSD)

How do I connect my Exodus Browser Extension to Mercurial Finance?

Go to Mercurial Finance and click Connect Wallet.

From the list of wallets, click Connect next to Exodus.

On the connection approval screen, click Connect.

And that's it! You're now ready to start lending stablecoins through Mercurial Finance.

How do I approve a transaction on Mercurial Finance?

When initiating an exchange or a deposit on Mercurial Finance, your Browser Extension will pop up and prompt you to approve the transaction.
Click Approve.

And that's it! 

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