Why does Exodus have a new logo?

As we venture into Web3 and beyond, the new logo represents the evolution of Exodus. You can check out the full breakdown here: Exodus looks to future with logo rebrand

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Why does Exodus have a new logo?

Exodus is evolving, and so is the familiar “X” logo that has been a symbol of trust to Exodus customers over the past few years.

The aim of Exodus is to help half of the world exit traditional finance by 2030, and, by the end of 2022, to become the go-to app for experiencing DeFi and Web3.

With the release of the Exodus multi-chain crypto browser extension which allows everyone to easily tap into the unlimited potential of Web3, the integration with Magic Eden NFT marketplace, and new ways to buy crypto right from your wallet, Exodus has already taken huge steps towards this goal.

Now a new logo will reflect Exodus’ growth into the new frontiers of crypto and Web3.

Change is not always easy. Change can be scary and unfamiliar. But change is vital for growth. We’re moving toward a future of greater financial autonomy and building the tools that will enable everyone to manage and control their wealth in the new world.

Thank you for setting out on this bold new chapter of finance with us!

What does the new logo represent?

The letter “E”

At first glance it’s apparent that Exodus has moved away from the letter “X” and towards the letter “E”. The letter E is the first letter in the Exodus brand name and represents our goal to lead an exodus away from traditional finance and toward a sovereign financial future.

The numbers 3 and 33

The number 3, which flipped backwards also resembles an “E”, is a solid and complete digit which is considered to be “the magic number” in many of the world’s major civilizations and religions. The mirrored and balanced design of the powerful new logo also carries a suggestion of “33”, another number that has carried esoteric significance and power.

The infinity symbol

The infinity symbol represents the idea that blockchain is forever and unstoppable.

A “blockchain link” element can also be observed, representing the immutable and censorship-resistant nature of the blockchain.

Up and down arrows

An eye for detail may note that the spaces created within the design create “up” and “down” arrows which represent the movements of the market we all ride together, and in particular, the dynamic movement of Exodus into Web3.

A shield

The overall shape of the logo brings up more timeless motifs that also serve as a nod to Exodus’ past. One such shape is that of a shield, for protection, and security. As a self-custodial platform, security is vital to our crypto journey

A scarab

The “sweeping up” and “sweeping down” movements inherent in the design reference the shape of the scarab, a venerated symbol in ancient Egypt that represented new form and new life. As Exodus evolves, we take on new form and life as the go-to place for Web3, NFTs, and DeFi.

A pyramid

Ideas of transformation are completed with inlaid shapes suggestive of a pyramid, another timeless symbol of ancient Egypt. Exodus started as a crypto wallet with some cool features, and is now going through transformation and rebirth as a sleek and intuitive gateway to the next iteration of the internet.

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