Step Finance dApp on Solana

All about Step Finance and how to connect to it with your Exodus Browser Extension.

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What is Step Finance?

With all the different platforms you interact with within DeFi, you might need help with managing everything. That's where Step Finance comes in.

Step Finance is a DeFi dashboard to track your positions across multiple platforms and protocols. With Step Finance you can:

  • Visualize your positions and portfolio
  • Swap crypto
  • Provide liquidity to liquidity pools
  • View and manage your own NFT gallery
  • Earn compounding interest from yield farms
  • Monitor ecosystem opportunities
  • And more!

As you venture into the DeFi jungle, take Step Finance with you to help you keep track of everything you're participating in! For information about Step Finance and how it works, check out the Step Finance documentation.

How do I connect my Exodus Browser Extension to Step Finance?

Go to Step Finance and click, See your portfolio.

Click Or connect your wallet.

From the list of wallets, select Exodus.

On the connection approval screen, click Connect.

And that's it! You're now ready to track your DeFi journey with Step Finance.

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