Tulip dApp on Solana

All about Tulip and how to connect to it with your Exodus Browser Extension.

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What is Tulip?

Tulip is a yield aggregation platform built on Solana that will automatically move your crypto around to the DEX offering the highest interest rate.

Tulip makes it easy to stay on top of the best yield farming returns as you don't need to compare rates between platforms. Tulip aggregates the available rates, finds the best returns, and then moves your crypto to the protocols offering the highest yields.

With Tulip you can:

  • Farm leverage.
  • Lend your assets.
  • Provide liquidity in crypto pairs or with a single asset.
  • Swap crypto.
  • Stake Tulip (TULIP).

Tulip makes it easy to get the highest returns from lending your crypto. For information about Tulip and how it works, check out Tulip's documentation.

How do I connect my Exodus Browser Extension to Tulip?

Go to Tulip and click Connect.

From the list of wallets, select Exodus.

On the connection approval screen, click Connect.

And that's it! You're now ready to start yield farming with Tulip.

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