How do I open the Developer menu?

This guide will show you how to access the Exodus Developer menu in case you are ever asked to do so by an Exodus support engineer. The Developer menu gives advanced users more tools.

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Windows and Linux

Unlike macOS, the Developer menu is hidden by default on Windows and Linux and needs to be activated in order to access it. 

In order to activate the Developer menu, press and hold the following 3 Keys at the same time: "Control" + "Shift" + "D".

All three keys need to be pressed and held down at once " Control" + "Shift" + "D" for the Exodus menu to appear. You must hold down "Control" and "Shift" before pressing "D". Also, make sure that the Exodus wallet is your focused window when pressing this key combination (click somewhere within the wallet window to ensure this).

If you want an easier route that does not involve using the keyboard, you can also activate the Developer Menu from the wallet by following these steps:

Go to the Help section (bottom-left corner of the wallet).
Scroll down to the second to last option "How do I open the Developer Menu"
Click on Show the Developer Menu

This is illustrated below:

Once activated, the Developer Menu will be located on a thin grey bar sitting on top of the Exodus wallet app. Right below your wallet version:


The Developer menu is located on the Exodus menu next to the Apple Symbol: