Where can I buy Bitcoin?

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For many crypto enthusiasts around the world, the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies is by using Coinbase:

Coinbase can be accessed in over 32 countries around the world! You can find the full list of countries Coinbase supports here: www.coinbase.com/global.

Please note that all exchanges listed in this article are third-party exchanges. Exodus has no affiliation with any of them and we highly recommend that you do your own research before signing up for any exchange or service.

Where else can I buy or sell crypto for fiat?

If Coinbase is unavailable for you, you may want to try one of the following centralised exchanges:

Are there alternatives to centralized exchanges?

If a centralized exchange is not something you're interested in using, there are other services that can connect buyers to sellers in a peer-to-peer (P2P) system:

Bitcoin ATMs are another option. Each ATM works slightly differently, but you can usually visit an ATM in person to purchase Bitcoin with your debit card, credit card, or cash.

To check if there is a Bitcoin ATM in your area, please visit: https://coinatmradar.com/

What are stablecoins?

A stablecoin is a crypto token typically pegged to a fiat currency, commodity, or its supply is managed by an algorithm. They are called stablecoins because unlike other crypto, their value is stable, and doesn't fluctuate based on market conditions.

We currently support several stablecoins: TUSD, DAI, USDC, GUSD, PAX, PAXG, BUSD, USDT, DAI, and USDP.

You can buy and sell stablecoins with fiat using your Coinbase or Gemini account. Alternatively, if you have other digital assets you can use the Exodus built-in exchange to trade other digital assets for these stablecoins.

This is the closest option Exodus offers for holding fiat currency. You can read more about stablecoins in this article.

Which platform should I choose?

Each platform in this article will work slightly differently so we encourage you to explore them all and see what works best for you.

Please note: Remember to always check the local laws and regulations when buying and selling cryptocurrencies.